Make It Beautiful is a sustainable floral studio based in Melbourne. Floral design is our "ikigai', our home and heart.

Our style is abundant, unstructured and a 'lil bit wild.

Informed by the seasons, we source our flowers and foliage from local growers and foraging. 

Wedding flowers are our main jam! We adore the grand picture but also pour our hearts into the small details. Each arrangement we create is a bespoke reflection of each couple's personalities and style. 

We feel honoured to have our work published on our favourite wedding blogs - Dancing With Her, Ivory Tribe & Nouba. 

Frank & Scout, A Modern Melbourne Wedding // Dancing With Her

Gypsy Flame // Ivory Tribe

Windswept​ // Ivory Tribe

Best of 2017: Bouquets // Nouba

We cannot wait to chat with you about your wedding and help you feel confident that this aspect of your day is under control. We want your florals to shine on!

Contact us to start the conversation today.